Software designer


Development philosophy

Decis works with reusable software components making easier to build and validate new applications in no time
Here are some examples :


  • DecisDistrib : framework for distributed architecture software
  • DecisConstraintProgrammer : Constraindt programming library used in our planning management software StaffPlanner
  • DecisAccessRights : powerfull access right management
  • DecisDico : multilanguage component
  • DecisCarto : 2D cartographic library.>
  • DecisDocOut : template for building users documents
  • DecisFormula : building of versatile formulas (by the user)...


And we use third party libraries (avoiding to reinvent the wheel).
This libraries are mature and reknowned on the market for years.


The first objective is to garantee our customers short development time with efficient interfaces for evolutive applications we maintain for years.