Decis TimeKeeper


Timesheet management


When teams are numerous and projects complex, the follow-up of daily workflow becomes a strategic challenge for main companies. Project managers are concerned in effective work done by their workforce and in the progress of their projects. Financial managers compute the corresponding costs and allocate them to "cost centres" or "profit units".
Decis TimeKeeper will do the job !




Specific care has been put in the planning grid whose representation is versatile :

  • Individual planning
  • Team planning
  • Project planning
  • Several planning sheets can be active at a given time (MDI interface).
  • This grid can be manipulated just like a classical spreadsheet (copy, cut, paste)

The user is shown only the pertinent projects. He can independently attach a new project, for example a project his boss forgot to affect. This application has been developed for decentralised use (people can fill in their time sheet via the internet) and the loading time is therefore optimised.

This application covers 4 areas :

  • Planning grid for time-sheet input
  • Project management (for project leaders)
  • Reporting and exportations
  • The settings and period closing (for administrators)

The embedded project management tool is quite simple but powerfull (Less is more). It is structured as a 3 levels treeview : GROUPS - ACTIVITIES - TASKS. This structure can fulfil the needs of most kinds of organisations.

This multitiers application is developed with Delphi, in a "distributed architecture".It manages the most popular SQL databases as : Oracle, MSSQL and Firebird.